On August 12, 1989, at the annual picnic and business meeting of the Western New York Honey Producers Inc. (WNYHPAI), two proposals were voted on and passed. Proposal 1 approved that the WNYHPAI start and maintain the Floyd Wiggler Fund. Proposal 2 approved the WNYHPAI Constitution Article VII Research and Development which defines the purpose and how the Floyd Wigler Fund is organized.

The fund is named the Floyd Wigler Research and Development Fund in memory of the time and dedication which a former president gave to our organization and the beekeeping industry. We don’t know the years that the late Floyd Wigler was president but found a Floyd Wigler on the Social Security Death Index that died in 1985 from North Tonawanda, New York.

The purpose of the Floyd Wigler Research and Development Fund is to establish a fund separate from the WNYHPAI’s working fund, in which the organization can sponsor and support the much-needed research for our industry. The principal of this fund will not be used. However, the interest and/or dividends generated by the fund will be distributed to research projects in the form of grants for production research into beekeeping concerns. Production research is defined as any research that helps honey bees survive and thrive in health.

The WNYHPAI Board of Directors is empowered to invest the principal and distribute interest and dividends from the fund. It was the intent of the founders of the Floyd Wigler Fund to increase this fund and expand the fundraising efforts outside our ten-county area. Donations, fundraisers, and promotions were and are be used to generate principal for the Floyd Wigler Fund.

Most of the principle of the Floyd Wiggler Fund came from member that donated their honey to the WNYHPAI to sell at the Caldonia Fair and Erie County Fair. This was done until 2005. Proceeds were then deposited into the various investments. Other sources of the principle were various donations made throughout the years.

The Floyd Wiggler Investment Committee meets at least annually to discuss investment strategy and report back to the Board of Directors for their consideration.

On February 21st, 2019 the Board of Directors approved the Floyd Wigler Fund Grant Policy. This Policy details the steps, information and application necessary to apply for a Floyd Wigler Grant.

To apply you can download the application and send it in or fill out our online application. Both applications are found on the right.