Please be sure you are dealing with honey bees before calling about a swarm or trap-out.

(A Trap-Out or Cut-Out is anytime you want to remove honey bees from an area such as inside the walls of a house or even inside a tree.)


Alfonso Bax 716-870-8855 Niagara and Erie Counties – Swarms
Jennifer Baglio 716-712-7261 Erie County and Northern Cattaraugus County – Swarms
Mike Baglio 716-997-6712 Erie County and Northern Cattaraugus County – Swarms
David Beckinghausen 716-308-6485 Niagara and Erie Counties – Swarms
Mike Benjamin 716-628-1827 Niagara County – Swarms
Jim Busch 716-578-1812 – “All of WNY” to Lake Ontario!… We remove honeybees from your home, building, attic, trees, bushes, and structures, ALIVE, and move them to a distant location so they may flourish and pollinate the local crops and flowers. We can repair any damage that may have occurred, and we are fully insured. Website: ,
Bill Conrad 716-983-6745 Niagara and Northern Erie Counties – Swarms
Donna Chesnut 716-359-8972 Northern Erie County and Southern Niagara County – Swarms
Ray Davis 716-244-2544 Cattaragus, Chautauqua and Erie Counties – Swarms
Thomas Dewey 716-864-1978 Grand Island, Northern Erie County, Southern Niagara County – Swarms, e-mail:
Kat Ferro 716-245-4073 Erie, Niagara, Orleans and Genesee Counties – Swarms and Trap Outs, e-mail:
Cheryl Fechter 716-491-2005 Erie County – Swarms
Doug Ford 716-863-8419 All of Western New York – Swarms
Mark Gallo 716-286-8247 Niagara County, Orleans and Erie – Swarms and Trap-Outs. email:
Neal Guido 716-913-2550 Tonawanda, Niagra County – Swarms. email:
Jay Kaplewicz 716-512-9031 All of WNY – Swarms and LIVE honeybee hive removal from anywhere they may bee. Please call or email
Joe Maslanka 716-697-1484 Southern Erie, South West Wyoming and all of Cattaraugus County – Swarms
Patricia Manning 716-671-5390 Orchard Park Swarms
Sande Phillippi 716-821-0462 Windom, Blasdell,Orchard Park and Buffalo Bills Stadium Area – Swarms, Some hives in trees (if under 12 feet),and some trapouts.
Gary Rajczak 716-417-1096 Western Niagara County – Swarms
Don Seames H: 585-768-7985, C: 585-233-2126 Genesee, Orleans, Wyoming and Livingston Counties – Swarms
Jeff Stick Erie County – Swarms, e-mail:
Paul Trowbridge 585-993-0464 Genesee And Eastern Erie Counties – Swarms
Tricia Marshall 716-462-9804 East of Buffalo – Swarms
Linda Rader 716-863-0305 Grand Island, NY – Swarms
Connie Waczkowski 716-816-6376 Angola, NY – Swarms
Kevin Woloszyn 716-353-0009 Arcade, NY – Swarms
Tim Widrig 716-225-0235 Springville, West Valley – Swarms
Richard Zifra 716-383-2227 Southern Erie County – Swarms